Fintech startup has launched the first-ever state-based online lending platform in the United States. and our partners look to bring commonality back to online lending. We offer state-specific portals (ex. to help borrowers find the financial services they need, offered in their state.

Starting small we here at began creating our platform in the summer of 2019. The platform was built with the goal of helping Americans receive the financial services they deserve in mind. The 50 state platform was officially launched on September 16, 2019, ready to help the citizens of America connect to lenders in their state.

The platform was launched with informational and comparison tools included. At the core of our state-based portals lies our Loan Connection System. developed this system to help our consumers match with lenders in their State. Our loan connection system is able to take borrowers the information and match them with a lender whose parameters they fit best. This enables our consumers to receive the best financial service at the lowest rate tailored to their exact situation.

We here at are seeing substantial growth from our young lending platform. It is important for us to keep our core values as we grow and expand our platform’s reach and capabilities. Exciting things are underway here at Loanclose, we are excited to see where they take us.

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